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Align and Automate Your Planning to Achieve Your Vision

Education Consult Ghana's strategic planning and performance management software, transforms the static, paper-based improvement planning exercise into a dynamic improvement process.
Designed specifically for educators, Education Consult Ghana helps educators quickly develop web-based, intuitive plans that don’t require extensive training or technical aptitude. The system supports development of SMART objectives – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound – to increase accountability. Its centralized database and educator- friendly web interface support a collaborative approach and can be easily integrated with existing operational and analytical data sources. With Education Consult Ghana, strategic plans and best practices can be shared among schools and results can be tracked, analyzed, and communicated to stakeholders.


⇒ Generates intuitive, easy-to-read Balanced Scorecard and individualized dashboards

⇒ Provides wizards, navigation aids, and ready-to-use templates

⇒ Provides alignment between departments and from district to schools to classrooms

⇒ Monitors progress of long-term strategic success plans and yearly action plans
Simplifies creation, loading, and monitoring of key performance indicators


⇒ Improves the execution of strategies leading to greater results

⇒ Simplifies the creation and monitoring of all district and school plans

⇒ Facilitates networking and collaboration

⇒ Maintains a knowledge base of initiatives

⇒ Ensures district wide strategic alignment

⇒ Provides long-term, year over year vision

⇒ Empowers users to analyze data and trends

⇒ Balances district mandates with school autonomy

⇒ Drives cultural change towards greater collaboration and data-based performance management