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Student Recruitment Optimization
EMPOWR: Optimizing Student Recruitment

High Schools and universities around the country face a daunting challenge, working in an intensely competitive environment, striving to realize favorable returns on extensive recruitment investments and annually attain a desired application volume. In a climate where less efficient practices can easily reduce the potential applicant pool and less efficient spending in effect reduces net revenue, many institutions find that they have the data but not the information they need in order to make their best strategic recruitment decisions to achieve their goals without continually increasing spending.
Generating and utilizing knowledge about student characteristics and student markets through research and analysis is no longer a luxury; it is a necessary best practice.

With Education Consult Ghana, our comprehensive student recruitment optimization service, we blend analytical expertise and hands-on enrollment experience to help you address various complex issues and identify new opportunities with your prospects, inquirers, and applicants. Infusing new knowledge will enhance your framework for making sound, informed decisions, freeing you to use your expertise to achieve even greater results.

With Education Consult Ghana’s commitment to exceptional service and true collaboration, our holistic analyses and customized enrollment management innovations can help you:

⇒ Identify markets and regions of institutional applicants and enrolled students;

⇒ Uncover characteristics of the most likely applicants;

⇒ Save substantial amounts of money by deploying recruitment resources more efficiently;

⇒ Increase admissions applications by focusing on students most likely to be influenced to apply, increasing inquirer to applicant conversion rates;

⇒ Improve search strategies and streamline prospect name purchase processes;

⇒ Expand applicant pool diversity by reaching out to students in new areas who share key characteristics with students who are interested in and thrive at your institution; and

⇒ Enhance institutional understanding of the student body, facilitating better student service in the recruitment process and an improved ability to engage students.