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Do your students have the skills and work habits they will need to succeed in the 21st century workplace?

Education Consult Ghana brings together technology, planning, professional development, and educational expertise in its work with schools, districts, regional partners, and state education agencies to prepare students for college, career, and 21st century citizenship.

What are 21st Century Skills?
Education Consult Ghana's approach to 21st century skills is anchored in our belief and expertise in an expanded definition of literacy. The literacy demands of the 21st century are higher than ever before in history. It is no longer enough to read and write straight forward text and be considered literate. People need to be able to:

⇒Skillfully access, read, analyze, evaluate, integrate, and use text and graphic information in multiple print and electronic formats;

⇒Synthesize and clearly communicate learning, using appropriate language and presentation to achieve a specific purpose;

⇒Think critically, creatively, and systemically to solve current problem issues, identify future opportunities and innovations, and flexibly adapt to change;

⇒Be continuous self-directed learners, fluent users of technology, and collaborative team players who can perform effectively and produce results in multi-cultural contexts and in the virtual world;

⇒Transfer skills, information, and processes to new formats, technologies and audiences.

These literacy habits and skills are the core of what it means to be prepared to meet the career, college, and citizenship needs of the 21st century. These skills must be taught across all content areas.
Are your schools helping students develop these new basic skills?
At Education Consult Ghana, we help educators prepare students to meet the literacy and learning challenges of the 21st century.
The literacy and learning demands of the 21st century require sophisticated reading, writing,and research skills, critical and innovative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration in person and online. Yet most school districts do not focus on ensuring that all students develop these habits and skills. There is a growing gap between what most students currently experience in school and what they should know how to do to be successful in high school, university and the work place. To close that gap, will require schools to rethink and retool their instructional delivery and technology infrastructure. Education Consult Ghana can help. Education Consult Ghana provides an array of services to help educators prepare all students for 21st century literacy and learning:

Literacy and Learning Reviews
Education Consult Ghana uses multiple data collection strategies to review a district's current approach to literacy and learning. Educational experts analyze what is in place and make specific recommendations to better prepare students for the 21st century. Reviews include an assessment of classroom instruction, district and school capacity, teacher knowledge and skills, and technology infrastructure supports.

State of the Art Action Planning
PCG educational experts work closely with district personnel, using Education Consult Ghana's morden technology to support guided strategic planning, including the setting of measurable goals, and putting progress monitoring in place.
The result: school level action plans are tightly aligned with district goals and districts and schools can track progress toward full implementation of 21st century teaching and learning.

Leadership Coaching
Education Consult Ghana works with districts and school leadership teams on implementation of action plans, including how to launch an
effective district wide 21st century literacy and learning campaign, conduct progress monitoring, bring teachers on board, make purchasing decisions, roll out the initiative in phases, and hold teachers and students accountable.

Teacher Professional Development
Education Consult Ghana professional development services build teacher capacity and teacher learning networks. Designs are customized to meet district and schools goals.

All Education Consult Ghana's 21st Century Literacy and Learning clients become part of a professional learning network that offers resources, the latest research, dissemination of promising practices, access to experts, and ongoing professional development opportunities.