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What challenges keep you from helping your students make academic gains?
Educational Consult Ghana, data systems are customized to target and solve your ‘real world’ education problems, from at-risk student identification to district, municipal and national reporting.
Education Consult Ghana blends expert technical, education, and management consulting capabilities with data systems built on open, national standards to provide proven solutions to an array of public education challenges, including

⇒ School and program analysis - Student growth percentile calculations and other key performance indicators needed to support balanced scorecard, school and district strategic planning, and program evaluation.

⇒ At-risk student identification - Dropout, behavior, and other at-risk early identification and prevention.

⇒ Instructional improvement - State assessment item analysis and benchmark assessment predictive analysis.

⇒ Special education compliance - Disproportionality risk ratio calculations, compliance fidelity, and analysis of services prescribed versus services delivered.

Meeting the challenges and improving student achievement

Education Consult Ghana analysis, target today’s education challenges, such as

⇒ Drop-out rates - Over a million students drop-out of school annually. Education Consult Ghana can identify students at-risk for dropping out as early as possible and can help educators reduce drop-out rates through targeted interventions.

⇒ Disproportionality - Across the nation, minority students are disproportionately likely to be placed in special education programs when intensive instructional services are instead needed. Educational Consult Ghana can work with schools to make the best use of diagnostic data to identify students in need of additional tuition.

The Education Consult Ghana Approach
Integrated education consulting, professional development, and organizational change management are central to Educational consult Ghana's design. We build our district, state and national, enterprise-scale technical tools to support school-based use. Beginning with a mature, well documented set of data models aligned to national standards, we customize systems with ETL development, data mapping, and report design to adapt our data model frameworks to specific client needs.
Our education consultants work in close partnership with school and agency- based client staff and stakeholders to facilitate agreement and document

⇒ existing systems;
⇒ targeted usage scenarios; and
⇒ design specifications.

Our technology staff leverages public and proprietary frameworks to efficiently deliver education data systems that include

⇒ ETL: data collection and validation,

⇒ Data Warehouse: longitudinal relational and dimensional central data stores,

⇒ Portal: web-based access to analytic tools, data upload tools, and

⇒ Reports: outputs and presentations using technologies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cognos business objects.

Choosing Appropriate Technology. Education Consult Ghana has a long history of providing technology solutions to support school-based processes and programs. We have found a tendency in many districts and schools to use a “bigger is better” approach to procuring new technology. Our approach is to first understand the needs of the school or district, then help guide the organization to the right technology which, in some cases, may not be the most expensive system.

Given this core philosophy, Education Consult Ghana pairs the system implementation with a professional development model designed to increase systemic data use throughout the district, at all levels, to help increase student performance.

Education Consult Ghana's Education Analytics Services Include

Assessment Literacy
Education Consult Ghana offers services in assessment literacy that deepen district and school staff understanding of how varied assessments can be used most effectively to support student learning and achievement.

Data Collection and Validation
Education Consult Ghana has a track record for delivering on-line, interactive, ETL and data collection/validation tools to support large and small scale data centralization initiatives, including unique student and staff identification.

Data Integration Services
PCG Education has a track record for delivering on-line, interactive, ETL and data collection/validation tools to support large and small scale data centralization initiatives, including unique student and staff identification.

Data Practices Audit
The Data Practices Audit engages district and school staff in examining current uses of data, and is an important first step in the process of establishing a district and schoolwide culture of data use.

Data Use Technical Assistance
Education Consult Ghana, Data Use Technical Assistance Services can help. Our extensive experience helping schools and districts build systemic data use and developing and using many different technologies for data collection, integration, storage, and access enables us to design technical assistance solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.
Data Warehousing and Reporting
PCG Education's™ data warehouse is designed for ease of use and sustainable management. The PCG Education™ data models have been optimized with Microsoft’s SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) to achieve maximum performance and minimal total cost of ownership.
FastTrack Analysis
Today more than ever, administrators are expected to demonstrate the results of programs and services. This means being able to determine how much progress specific groups of students are making, and which programs and services produce positive results. Often educators do not have the time for a full, formal program evaluation and simply need quick answers to their questions.

Growth Modeling & Gains Analysis
Education Consult Ghana's™ statistical growth models capture and explain individual and cohort student growth across multiple years and assessments. Schools and districts can use these powerful models to analyze strengths and weaknesses in educational programming. Educational Consult Ghana's™ psychometricians and educational experts work with school authorities to create customized reports detailing student growth patterns.

Integrated Data Audit
Education Consult Ghana™ Data Audit services are available for school authorities, as a stand alone planning services as well as the initial phase of a larger project. Our data audit methodology incorporates complex metadata and statistical documentation with usage scenarios, user surveys, and focus groups to document existing systems and plan new systems. We work with our clients to build Data Quality, Data Culture, and Data Capacity.
Portal and Security Management
Education Consult Ghana™ utilizes Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS) to create single-sign-on (SSO), complex role-based identity management, and "Web 2.0" communication and collaboration services.
Program Evaluation
Education Consult Ghana™ specializes in customized program evaluations that utilize multiple methodologies and data sources to answer questions about program effectiveness, equity, accountability, and continuous improvement. Education Consult Ghana’s™ team of education specialists have conducted evaluations of local and national funded programs, specific interventions, and school reform initiatives across the country.